Untitled (Clown)




V-22, London (with Rhubarb the Clown)                                   ENLARGE IMAGE

In 2007 I was invited to do a solo exhibition in a large warehouse space in London. The building housed a few artist's studios and some beautifully white gallery-spaces. I had very little time to realise it. So I choose to show only a few pieces and concentrate on a perfect presentation of them.

When the show came together I felt something was missing. The show looked very formal, exactly the way a white cube gallery exhibition or a posh museum show would have to look.

Therefore I decided to invite a clown to the exhibition and asked him if he could sit down on a chair in the derelict basement of the building. Visitors would only come into the basement if they'd accidentally went astray or got lost in the building, for instance while looking for a toilet.

I asked the clown to try not to interact with anyone who entered the space, which he found pretty hard to do. People who did actually get into the room were slightly baffled and often did not know what to think of the clown, since there was no mentioning of him in the press release and he was not listed as an art-piece either. In fact, he was probably not even part of the show. He just sat there. See also the Absent Clown