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The Attic is where a group of Eindhoven (NL) artists and curators meet on a regular basis. They discuss and show each others’ work in so called Peer Critique Sessions in order to raise critical awareness and set up a dialogue. A secundary aim is to establish and confirm a community that connects locally, nationally and internationally. The Attic is a nomadic initiative, meaning that every meeting is at a different location.

The first six sessions with twelve artists have started in January 2013 and were completed at the beginning of April 2013. A blog with reports on the sessions can be found at the end of this page.

Another twelve artists, filmmakers and curators presented work from October 2013 until march 2014.

Come back to this website regularly for more information on the Peer Critique Sessions and to read the reports.


Hosted by Kunstpodium-T “the Attic” has now started a new Peer Critique group in Tilburg / Eindhoven with participants from various backgrounds and base-locations.

2018 NEWS!!!!

Binnenkort ook in Tilburg! Soon in the city of Tilburg too! After Eindhoven en Dordrecht the Attic will also start a peer critique group in Tilburg. More soon. Visit here for more info later.


After a short succession of “THE ATTIC” Peer Critique Sessions in 2016, the series in Eindhoven have now ended on a regular basis and are organized on call.

A new initiative of “THE ATTIC” has been set up in the city of Dordrecht under the name “THE ATTIC 078”, organized by Manuela Porceddu, in collaboration with the Dordrecht Museum and by example of the sessions in Eindhoven.

The sessions are being moderated by me, Jeroen Offerman, and will continue throughout 2017.

More information on THE ATTIC 078 here (in Dutch):

E-mail for information

The Attic is an initiative by Jeroen Offerman.


The Artists: Tijs Rooijakkers, Karin van Pinxteren, Jeroen Offerman, Laurent Malherbe, Anouk Bax, Marjan Wester, Gam Bodenhausen, Aaron van Erp, Ben Landau, Stan Wannet

The Curators: Diana Franssen, Steven ten Thije, Nick Aikens, Annie Fletcher, Christiane Berndes, Charles Esche.

The Mystery Guests: Joop van Caldenborgh, Frank Lubbers, Ólafur Ólafsson

The Guests: Klaartje Esch, Alessandra Saviotti


The Participants: Laurent Malherbe, Gam Bodenhausen, Jeroen Offerman, Thomas Bakker, Marleen Hartjes, Aaron van Erp, Iris Bouwmeester, Tijs Rooijakkers, Freek Lomme & Joan van Barneveld

The Visitors: Marc Schmidt, Mathijs Lieshout, Claudia Schouten, Bram Hermens, Joan van Barneveld, Anouk Bax

The Guests: Frank Lubbers

Contact us if you would like to join or visit the Attic:


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