“Suprematic Destruction; Seated Area in Motion”
ply-wood, paper, cardboard and woodglue, 30x35x10 cm, 2019/2020

destroyed model of an artists’ studio


This used to be a model that I made of my former studio and of a later installation called “KI-NE-MA”. I was verr fond of it and presented it to a film-festival to pitch my idea for a sculptural installation and cinematic program.
Unfortunately I sat down on it when I got home. It was completely destroyed and I was rather upset. I tried to think of aomething to give this disastrous event a positive twist. It occurred to me that it looked like some kind of Suprematic artwork like a painting of Malewich that expressed speed and movement.
It was presented at the exhibition “a Door in my Head” where I hung it at a wall



photo Maarten van Loosbroek                                           ENLARGE IMAGE