“Studio space without time”

model of wood and paper, 2017


dimensions: 15x16x32cm (HxWxD)                                     ENLARGE IMAGE

This is a model of my former studio that was based in a former monastry. I had built a small theatre in it. It had a stage and if one climbed through the window you would be on a platform that overlooked the city but also functioned as a backstage.

It was a place for active and passive time-spending. I made drawings, listened to music, watched movies and tried out small performative acts on the stage that contained curtains and lights.

I came up with the idea to “lift” the studio out of the building and turn it into a portable set. So I could exhibit it and do performances for people or ask them to sit down and watch films or listen to music with me. And possibly film what we would be doing in there.

Film, performance, music, storytelling; it’s all about time. So this is the model of my studio space but minus the time-factor.

Based on this model I made “KI-NE-MA” later that year. And it is with KI-NE-MA that time is returning to my former studio-space again.