“Request” White thread on black cotton, hot-iron transfer, plywood, cardboard and display pins, 44x34x0.5cm, 2019-2020

Hand-embroidery/on-site installation. In collaboration with mrs Ans Wester


The sentence “You are now Friends” is used by social media platforms that claim to connect people by sharing imagery. I tried to imagine what the sentence would look like if it was lifted out of our digital screens and into the real world. What would happen if a cinema-screen would make the same claim to its audience in a film-theatre? What if a painting in an exhibition would proclaim to connect its audience by sharing a visual experience?
I subsequently changed the medium used for “Request” from digital pixels to analogue hand-embroidery. My mother-in-law and I shared the needlework. After having started to embroider the text myself, she took over and did the more difficult ornaments.

The looks of “Request” resemble a silent movie title-screen.

It was presented at a public exhibition where it could be found at the very end of the space.



made in collaboration with mrs. Ans Wester                              ENLARGE IMAGE