“Ready when you are”

looped video projected on cardboard, scale model, spotlight, pedestal and stool, 2017.

De Sociale Dienst, Eindhoven                                        LARGE VIDEO-STILL

A wooden model of a small theatre.                             WATCH VIDEO HERE

A video of a man in raincoat on a theatre-stage.

This set-up is the presentation of an upcoming film-project that I started in 2017.

The model is of a sculpture / filmset that I presented a few months later:

KI-NE-MA (check the link if you like).

It is a representation of my former artist-studio that contained a miniature film-theatre. A backstage was situated outside the window of my studio.

The video’s are of an archetypical character that does seemingly random things in the theatre: entering through a window, closing curtains, pulling down a projection screen and looking at a thunderstorm that is raging on stage.

The sentence “Ready when you are” can be understood as an invitation to the audience to play and collaborate together; to join me on stage.