“Radio Easter-Egg” Radio Broadcast, 2020

Easter-themed sounds, music, ads & excerpts



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Just before the Corona-lockdown / Covid pandemic I started preparing a radio show for RaRaRadio with a light-hearted “Easter-holiday” theme. By the time that I actually had to do the show it felt as if the world had changed forever. We were all locked into our homes and couldn’t go out. The future seemed bleak.

Listening to the tracks that I gathered for this show I realized how worry-free it all sounded; a mindset that was hard to find at that moment. Since Easter is a celebration of new life and a hopeful future, I felt like people could use some worry-free mind-scape. The radio-station that asked me to do the broadcast had shut down, forced by health-and-safety measures. But we decided to do this one-off show anyway and brought some worry-free sounds to listeners at home.

Thanks to Anthony who did the soldering or raspberry-technology or I don’t know what was needed to get this show live on air, Munne, the force behind RaraRadio, Nick LeBeat and others. It was a pleasure.

Get ready for some positive vibrations:

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