“The Portable Psycho Shower Scene Stage Set Party, Part I-V”

sculpture 2010-12. (see also “tBSTC&E JANET LEIGH”)



Zaal5 / Filmhuis den Haag                                               ENLARGE IMAGE

The Portable Psycho Shower Scene Stage Set Party” was a traveling sculpture, being installed at several locations between 2010 and 2012. The sculpture was made in collaboration with Dutch artist Laurent Malherbe.

The sculpture contained a complete, fully working replica of the filmset used for Hitchcock's famous shower scene in his movie “Psycho”. The sculpture contained a bright “realistic” side; the replica of the bathroom. The back of the sculpture was the darker side; this is where one could clearly see that the bathroom was a constructed reality.

The Portable Psycho Shower Scene Stage Set Party” was used to film the five different scenes in my short, experimental film “To Become, Shift, Transfer, Copy and Erase JANET LEIGH”. I agreed to show the sculpture at various exhibition spaces in the Netherlands in exchange for enabling me to film at their locations. The audience could come over to see us working at the set and look at the film results that came out of it, catching a glimpse of our working-process. The entire project was financed with a budget of less than 2000 Euro.

Psycho Stage Set