“Out in the Great Wide Open” 100 km long boat-trip on the river “Dommel”,

crossing two countries in ten days, by selfmade canoe. 2021




From the walls and other remains of his former studio, artist Jeroen Offerman builds a canoe to sail the local river Dommel in the autumn of 2021. The trip; 100 kilometers or 60 miles long, takes eight full day and leads through Belgium and the Netherlands via the provinces of Limburg and Noord-Brabant. Starting in the town of Neerpelt and finishing in the city of s’Hertogensbosch, Offerman undertakes the journey as if it were an expedition. Whilst sleeping and cooking along the banks of the river, encounters with with the landscape and its inhabitants are made.

Location “Klotputten Island” in Eindhoven with its resident (and my unexpected host) Stefan in the backgound. Canoe made of punched hardboard, recycled wood and epoxy.

A hardcover publication of the travelog is printed, a preview can be found here:

                                               (CLICK HERE FOR A PREVIEW OF THE BOOK)