“Lucht in de Tent / Vent the Tent” 1 house, 6 weeks, 10 artists.

Public exhibition by art-collective “ZuiderLink”, 2021


Just as we did with the exhibition “Door in my Head”, our art-collectove ZuiderLink organized an exhibition in a derelict building in centre of the town Eindhoven.

We rent the space for 3 months, threw some paint against the walls and started working with approximately ten artists. This time we tried to focus on our surrounding more than ever. Artwork posters were pasted onto outdoor billboards, an electrical box on the streets was declared an artwork. A ten-day-long canoe-trip was presented as an book-publication, a film was projected onto the window outside, soothing wool-sculpture were attached to trees in the street, we made coffee for our neighbours.

Artists: Anouk Bax, Jacques van Erven, Geertje Kapteijns, Cedar Lewisohn, Sanne Muiser, Jeroen Offerman, Gijs Pape, Ad van Rosmalen, Lilia Scheerder, Gwen Schenkel, Marjan Wester

“Franklinplein 2” square in Woensel West, Eindhoven where “Vent the Tent”, took place. Here is a link to some documentation of the event:    PDF-PRESENTATION