“KI-NE-MA” (‘sculptors in film’)

kinetic sculpture / installation 2017


de Sociale Dienst, Eindhoven 2017. Dimensions: 400x430x800cm (wxhxd)      LARGE IMAGE

Situated in this space is the reproduction of a former artist studio. It is executed in the style of a filmset. This built structure functions as a jukebox for sound and vision. But there is more going on than just the passive consumption of media.

Rolls are reversed here. It is up to the visitor to take over the screen by using one's imagination. In a single movement of the hand this movie theatre can be transformed into a stage for childful play and free association or to perform a tiny dance for a friend or loved one. Even the weather can be controlled by pulling a rope or pushing the button.

This KI-NE-MA is an invitation to gain back control over one's imagination in an internet- and image-dominated society; a smack on the eye of Big Brother, a reversal of the spectacle.

Made in collaboration with Laurent Malherbe. This installation is part of a broader project that involves live performance. It is aimed at resulting in a short movie that combines abstract acts with elements of documentary filmmaking.


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